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OIC - ERP - create an integration to send outbound ERP File using BI bursting FTP delivery channel and ESS job | How to create an erp Outbound flow in Oracle Integration

Usecase: Here, we will see outbound integration which will process ERP outbound files using BI bursting FTP delivery channel and ESS job. 

Steps involved:

  1. Create an Integration (app driven or schedule based on requirement) and feed following inputs:
    1. essJobName : containes ess job package, jobdefinitionName and appended name value parameters with a ";". 
    2. fileName
    3. reportPath: BI report absolute path
  2. Fetch name and value parameters into a stage csv file which will be used while submitting ess job request. Follow below blog to know how to get the name and value parameters. (
  3. Submit ESS job with this fetched value parameters> call BI Bursting with FTP Delivery channel (
  4. Check getESSjobStatus(
  5. If ESSJobStatus not Succeeded then
    1. Call BI report: in a loop and retry:  (
      1. While condition: $p_decodeFileRef ='NULL' and $retryCounter <5.0
      2. Call BI report with ExternalReportWSSServive.
      3. Update file ref:
        1. p_decodeFileRef: decodeBase64ToReference(reportBytes)
      4. UPdate retry count  retryCounter = $retryCounter + 1.0
    2. Read File : take a stage and read entire file where specify file ref : $p_decodeFileRef and provide a sample csv file (C1 field)
    3. Take row counts : take a for each loop and count rows using repeating elements and rowCounter.
    4. Check row counts
      1. If rowcount >=2.0 then throw new fault as ess job failure
      2. Else, call another child integration to have the blank file and process.
      3. Monitor the child integration process status. Follow my below blog to call and monitor scheduled integration.(
We are calling ess job to invoke to BI report to do ftp bursting for a reason. We are doing it to fetch delta data(daily data).

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