Friday, July 7, 2023

OIC - Upload file to UCM using Oracle Cloud ERP adapter | ErpIntegrationService

Usecase: Here, I will show you how to upload files to UCM using Oracle ERP Cloud adapter.


  • Using Send Files to ERP Cloud with details:
    • docTitle : filename
    • doctype : Document
    • securityGroup : FAFusionImportExport
    • docAccount : fin$/payables$/import$
    • fileReference : stage file reference
  • Using Query, Create, update or delete information ErpintegrationService and operation: uploadFileToUcm with details:
    • Content : file reference or base64 encoded
    • Filename
    • ContentType: filetype(csv, document or zip)
    • DocumentTitle: filename
    • DocumentSecurityGroup: FAFusionImportExport
    • DocumentAccount : fin$/payables$/import$

Detailed steps with Screenshots:

Create an Oracle ERP cloud adapter connection

Integration flow:

Write a file to stage:

Create a csv file into stage:

Call Oracle ERP cloud adapter to upload file:

Case1: Send Files to ERP Cloud option

Case2: Query, Create , update or delete information option.

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