Tuesday, May 9, 2023

OIC - Oracle Integration Generation 3 New Features

OIC Gen 3 New Features:

  1. Oracle Redwood theme : The Oracle integration user interface reflects the Oracle Redwood look and feel, All screenshots, icons, and termonology has been updated in the Oracle Integration library accordingly.
  2. Shape determines your upgrade window : When you create an instance in the OCI console, you must choose a shape, either Production or Developement. The shape determines when the instance receives monthly and quaterly updates. Instances with a development shape receive updates two weeks before the instances with a production shape. Once you selected the shape, you cant change the shape of an instance.
  3. Real time billing and usage data: Billing happens on the number of actual messgaes consumed , not the configured number of messages packs. On the metrics Explorer page, the new graphs show the number of messgaes that you purchased and that you have used.
  4. Oracle integration Home Page metrics : View the total number of messages, total errors and the number of failed integrations. You can also view existing integrations or create new ones from the home page and view recent activities with their status.
  5. Cut and Paste elements in the integrations canvas : Allow you to cut and paste elements(actions and invokes) in the integration canvas. This enables you to move elements to other places in your integration and eliminates the need to recreate them.
  6. Expandable and Collapsible actions : You can expand and collapse logic actions in the integrations canvas ( for example, a scope, while, for-each, switch and others) to see chile actions and view errors.
  7. Control activity stream data retention during integration activation : During integration activation, you will be prompted to select the tracing level. The level you select determines how long your data is available in the activity stream. Production: 32 days, Audit: 8 days, Debug: ( Not recommended) : 24 hrs.
  8. Activity stream enhancements : To improve performance, message payloads are accessible differently in the activity stream based on their size. Binary payloads can be downloaded from the activity stream.
  9. Instance Id change from Integer to String or alphanumeric.
  10. New mapper functions : 3 new functions introduced. 
    1. Matches
    2. replace
    3. tokenize.
  11. Test mapper enhancements : the test mapper supports the testing of mappings you created with tracking variables and local variables in assign actions.
  12. Mapper function, operator and XSLT statement embedded help.
  13.  While using connectivity agent, basic authentication is not supported in generation 3. To install and use connectivity agent, we need to use OAUTH 2.0 token based authentication in installerprofile.cfg file.
    1. https://soalicious.blogspot.com/2023/10/oic-gen3-connectivity-agent-install.html
  14. Parallel action. Follow my blog.
    1. https://soalicious.blogspot.com/2023/09/oic-gen3-parallel-action.html
  15.  Publish Event action. Follow my blog
    1. https://soalicious.blogspot.com/2023/09/oic-gen3-how-to-publish-and-subscribe.html
  16. RBAC - Resource based access control over projects.
    1. https://soalicious.blogspot.com/2023/09/oic-gen-3-how-to-regulate-access-to.html
  17. CC, BCC added along with to and from in Email notification action.
  18. Read file in segment - set your own file segment size.
    1. https://soalicious.blogspot.com/2023/10/oic-gen3-read-file-in-segment-set-your.html
  19. TBD


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