Monday, January 9, 2023

ERP - Lookups in Fusion - Use in ESS Jobs Parameter

Usecase: Here  we will create a lookup and use it as list of values in one paramter of the ESS job.

Highlevel steps:

  • Create a lookup XXSOURCE_LOOKUP with lookup codes (search Manage Common Lookup% under setup and maintenance)
  • Create a List of values Source COMMON LOOKUP under Manage lisy of values sources (search Manage%Enterprise%Job under setup and maintenance)
    • Application name: Application Toolkit
    • User List of Values Source Name: Common Lookup
    • List of Values Source Def name: oracle.apps.fnd.applcore.lookups.model.publicView.CommonLookupPVO
  • Edit the previously created ESS job XXDEMO_JOB and edit paramter Invoice Source as Choice list and select source name as "Common Lookup" with attribute lookup codes.
  • Select Invoice Source paramter >> Manage dependencies >>select ByLookupType >> default value : 'XXSOURCE_LOOKUP'
  • Test this ess job from scheduled processes.

Detailed steps with screenshots:

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