Friday, September 30, 2022

OIC - Create a Retry logic | To overcome putting file to AWS S3 bucket timeout issue

Usecase: We are trying to put file in S3 bucket using rest connection but unlucky that its getting failed and giving a timeout issue if its taking more than 2 minutes. So what we did, we have put a retry logic to try 3 times to put the files in S3.

Retry logic implemented:

  1. Take a assign variable and assign 2 variables: v_S3FileStatus ="error" and v_S3Counter = 0.0
  2. Assign file reference and PathAndFilename to move file to S3.
  3. Take a while loop with condition: $v_S3FileStatus = "error" and $v_S3Counter < 3.0
    1. Take a scope within the while loop
      1. Drag and drop S3 Rest connection and configure to put files in s3.
      2. Take a assign activity and assign v_S3FileStatus = "success"
  4. Open the scope default fault handler and assign as => v_S3Counter = $v_S3Counter + 1.0 and v_S3FileStatus = "error"

Steps with screenshots:

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