Friday, March 13, 2020

12c SOA - Configure Retry-able Jms Queue

JMS queues are used for reliable messaging. In some scenarios we need to configure retry able JMS queues that means when something error out in transaction ,we want that it should retry the same message multiple times.

Follow below steps to configure retry-able JMS queue.

Go to your JMS queue⇾Go to "Deliver Failure" tab 

Fill required values
Redelivery Delay Override : Time interval between retries. It is in milliseconds.
Redelivery Limit: number of retries
Expiration Policy:
     Redirect : redirect message to different queue.
     Log : log the message.
     Discard : discard message and it will be lost.
Error Destination: If you choose "Redirect" then choose the queue to which you want to redirect message.

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