Wednesday, January 22, 2020

12c SOA - BPEL pick activity OnAlarm

  • It works like if the response does not come in the time period defined in alarm then it start executing the flow in the onAlarm scope.
  • If the result comes before the expiration of onAlram then onMessage scope is followed.
Implementation steps:
Create a To be picked project.

 Create the Picker project which will call the "To be picked" project.

 Calling the "To be Picked" project

 Invoke the new parterlink and assign.

 Drag and drop a Pick activity

 Provide 2 assign.

 Adding 10 sec OnAlarm
 Adding onMassge using "To be picked" parterlink.

 Deploy and test.

It will invoke the OnMessage.
 Now add a wait activity of 11 sec in "To be Picked" project and test
 This time OnAlarm is invoked.
As we added the 11 sec wait in "To be Picked" project which is greater than the trigger time (10 sec) configured in the onAlarm. Thus this triggers the onAlarm flow.

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