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Work with B2B schema | creare a custom B2B schema | B2B for oracle Integration

What we can achieve with B2B Schema:

  • We can create a customized B2B schema based on a standard document schema to match the business requirememts.
  • We can create a schema by importing a Standard Exchange Format(SEF) file.
  • Generate implementation guides for custom or standard schemas.
B2B Schema Constructs:
A B2B schema represents the message format of an EDI X12 or EDIFACT document which is a hierarchical structure based on four types of constructs:
  • Element: The smallest unit that represents a single data field of primitive type such as alphanumeric text, integer, decimal, date, time or binary.
  • Composite: A complex data type consisting of onw or more elements.
  • Segment: The next higher level construct, consisting of a sequence of elements and composites.
  • Loop or Loop segment: A container for a specific set of segments or child loops.
Note: The schema for all EDI X12 document starts with a segment named ST and ends with the segment SE across all document types. The schema for all EDIFACT documents starts with a segment named UNH and ends with the segment UNT. These segments are called Transaction set envelope segments and they can not be deleted in the B2B schema editor.

How to create a custom B2B schema:


Oracle  Integration Home paage >> B2B

Select B2B schemas

Click Create

Note: you can see import SEF and generate implementation buttons.

Provide B2B schema name, document standard, version and type >> click create

Now we can see all the segments of the document type.

Select a segment and edit to customize the details like segment/element  should be mandatory or optional, usage, Length and repeat etc.

In each segment, we can alsk add new element, new child composite, new segmwnt, new loop etc.

SAVE and generate Implementation Guide.

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