Thursday, August 4, 2022

Create OIC Decision model from Scratch | Expose the decision model as REST | Test the rest enabled decision model using post man | Process Cloud Service

Usecase: Here we will do the following:

  • Create a Decision model based on decision table.
  • Expose decision model as REST API.
  • Test the rest enabled decision model using post man tool 

We will fetch the Grade and Result based on Name, class and section details from the decision table.

Implementation steps:

Oracle Home page >> Processes >> Decision Models

Create >> Create a Decision model

Switch to list view

Add type definition 

Add the Input data with the created complex type definition.

Add new decision

There are several option we can use. Here we will use Decision table.

Click this "!" Sign to add/update the decision table.

Added 3 inputs and 2 outputs

Save and play app for testing.

Test with input data.


Expose the desion model as rest service.

Take the rest API URL and input payload json schema

Activate the changes.

Open post man and use the rest enabled URI and json payload and basic authentication.

Note: convert that json payload schema to json format using any online tool.


If no decision table rule dose not match, it will show the output as following:

Using this exposed rest API URL, we can call this decision model from OIC Integrations.

Wednesday, August 3, 2022

Create a process application using Quick Start App | Process Cloud Service

Usecase: Here, we will do the following items:

  • Create a Travel approval process application using Quick start app.
  • Customize the QuickStart app
  • Test activate the QuickStart App
  • Try in Test mode
  • Activate the QuickStart App

Implementation steps with snaps:

Create from a QuickStart App

Home Page >> Processes >> Process Applications >> Create >> start with a Quickstart App.

Create Button for the Travel Approval

Go to Configure and customize as required.

Go to Test and activate

Try in test mode

Scenario 1: test for approve travel

Scenario 2: Test for Resubmit Travel request with additional details.

Exit testing mode.

We can switch to application view and see the flow activities of the process, also customize it.

Activate your process.

That's it, we have created a process application successfully using Quickstart App.

Monday, August 1, 2022

Main features of Applications, Samples and Quickstarts | Process Cloud Service

Process is packed with smart tools that streamline designing and building applications for business processes. As the developer, you can focus on creating efficient and effective process flows that make it easier for users to complete their everyday business tasks.

Main features of the following applications:

Application and Sample

  • Start from scratch or start with a sample

  • Model the process from start to end

  • Use a sample from the gallery to create a copy of the application

  • Work in advanced view

  • Access to all process features

QuickStart App
  • Ready-to-use app

  • Pick one from the gallery

  • Users without process knowledge can copy, make certain changes, and activate

  • Can use as is or opt to customize

QuickStart Master
  • Convert an application

  • Configure what items users can personalize (customization view)

  • Change process modeling (advanced view)

  • Promote to the gallery for others to use to create QuickStart Apps

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