Monday, November 21, 2022

OIC to ERP Cloud : what happens in the background ERP after import from OIC

Suppose we import AP invoice to ERP cloud from OIC using FBDI bulk import and ErpIntegrationService, then what happens do we really think?

If you dont know, just see the below processes which are running in the Scheduled process section in ERP:

Load Interface File for Import:
Interface loader will start and run InterfaceLoaderAsyncJob.

** Reading properties from scheduler environment Properties file.

Transfer File: 
This above async job will submit loader job: InterfaceLoaderSqlldrImport to transfer the imported Header and Line files from UCM to respective Interface tables.
Load File to interface:
1st load header file : ApInvoicesInterface.csv to AP_INVOICES_INTERFACE table)
Load File to interface:
2nd load Line file : ApInvoiceLinesInterface.csv to AP_INVOICES_LINES_INTERFACE table.
Import Payables Invoices:
This will import the invoice data from inteface table to main import tables.
Import Payable Invoices Report:
This will generate report how the import goes, Is there any failure or what are the invoices processed or success details etc.

Product interface and error table data will be automatically be purged by the purge interfavw table scheduled procrss( default setting is within 30 days of the initial load). Prior to purge execution, the interface and error data will first be extracted and uploaded to the particular UCM server account for the individual product import process that is used. 

If you need to reference the purged interface and error data, then you will need to access the UCM file with the following naming convention:.

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